Places for a perfect 99 ice cream

Where can you eat a 99 ice cream in the UK?

You can eat a 99 ice cream in any place serving soft serve ice cream.

In town, there are plenty of ice cream shops. Most of them make soft serve ice cream. And basically, a 99 ice cream is just a soft serve ice cream with a chocolate flake bar inside. You can add chocolate or fruit sauce, but every ice cream maker can make that also.

In London, Dublin or any other big city, there are some good names to know if you want to test a 99 ice cream. We know some of them, but do you?

We would love to hear your most favourite places when you’re walking around in the street looking for a 99 ice cream. And maybe we will find out we love the same places! Who knows?

Also, you can eat it near the seaside, anywhere in the country. That’s where you will enjoy it the most. The sun, the sea, a touch of sea breeze, a day-off, or quite simply a moment of relaxation after your working day… In fact, happiness condensed in a simple thing: a 99 ice cream.  But… caution to seagulls! They also do love 99 ice creams and won’t hesitate to take it from you!

We’re waiting for your best spots (and best pictures)!

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