The ultimate 99 ice cream recipe

Any ice cream lover knows that a 99 ice cream is perfection. But, there’s no accounting for taste. Anyone can have its favourite, there are plenty of 99 ice creams. 

We will give you our most favourite 99 ice cream recipe.

The ultimate 99 ice cream recipe consists in a typical soft serve vanilla flavoured ice cream. It comes in a cone and a chocolate flake bar in it. Until then, there’s nothing quite impressive, it’s a simple 99 ice cream, like every 99 ice cream.

Then, our penchant is for raspberry sauce! We love it when there is a lot of it on our 99 ice cream.

You can also change it for chocolate sauce as well. That’s also a good one, and it recalls the taste of the chocolate flake bar. But, the mix between this chocolate flake bar and the raspberry sauce is really tasteful. You definitely should try it.

Above, that’s the result of our favourite 99 ice cream with raspberry sauce.

We let you some other photos of 99 ice cream. Do not hesitate to send yours, maybe they will be nicer than ours.

And who can resist the temptation of a 99 ice cream?!

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