Soft-serve ice-cream, sundae, frozen yoghurt, milkshake: the little soft-serve ice-cream machine

1 flavour countertop soft-serve ice-cream machine

Characteristics of the machine

Soft-serve ice-cream countertop machine

1 flavour machine

Expansion tubes adjustable (adding air to the ice-cream)

Capacity of the tanks 2 x 6 litres

Capacity of the cylinders 2 x 6 litres

Rated power 4,6 KW– 4 HP

Condenser made suitable for tropical conditions until 46°

Hermetical Cold Generator Made in France (Tecumseh) 2511 Tropicalized

380 V three-phased

Production of 550 portions of 80g per hour

Total dimensions

Total dimensions 60 cm x 83 cm x 110 cm

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