What is the profitability of my soft-serve ice-cream machine?

Soft-serve ice-cream machine VS savings account

A little bit of humour


You have some money at the bank, a safe bet !!!

Here’s the bank simulator. You deposit your 5200€ for 10 years.

You earned 401,68€

Making 50 ice-creams a day, I’m not talking about thousands of ice-creams, but just 50 (it’s a rainy day, there’s almost snow; there’s a pandemic of mortal flu…)

You make 50 ice-creams sold 2,50€. It makes a turnover of 125€. Subtract the product and the cones = 10€ of product, it makes a benefit of 115€.

401.68/115 € = 3.49 days. You need 3 days and a half to earn the same amount that the bank gives you in 10 years.

Don’t loose your money by keeping it at the bank.

Invest in a machine that is going to change your life.


We have participated in some fairs as retail traders to sell ice-creams with our soft-serve ice-cream machines.

If you want, you can contact us to have the receipts of the turnover we made these days, and you will see how much you can earn if you invest in a soft-serve ice-cream machine.


Do not hesitate contacting us !

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