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For you, investors.


Gris Company is few numbers

  • 2011: creation of our manufacturing plant
  • 2990€: lowest price ice-cream machine
  • 15 000€: upmarket ice-cream machine
  • 80% to 90%: components of French or European origin.
  • More than 20 models of ice-cream machines offered
  • All the spare parts of our machines can be sold
  • Less than 150 kg: the GWP of our machines, against 3,9 tons for others. GWP = Global Warming Potential


Enter in a promising market

  • With 13 billions of ice-creams eaten each year in the month, the ice-cream machines market is a booming field synonym of development.
  • Diversity of use: ice-creams, cubes of ice, blocks of ice…
  • The emerging countries demand a lot French quality ice-cream machines.

Our company has a savoir-faire to be in this market and offer quality ice-cream machines.


Enter in a fair and ecological market

  • The machines made in Asia has refrigerant  contaminating fluids (R22, R404)
    The emerging countries don’t have formation to manipulate these harmful products.
  • A threat to the environment

Gris Company commits to train the buyers in emerging countries and to create with them assembly workshop in their capital cities.

Act with them transparently

  • 1 kg of R404 in the environment is as polluting as a Citroën C1 car making 40 000 km.
  • At this day, there are no tracking of the repairs made on the ice-cream machines.
  • Polluting gas leaks aren’t tracked.


We want to settle a process of dematerialised block chain for more traceability and transparency.

Invest in a French dynamic, fair and ecological company.

  • Invest in Made in France
  • Enter in a familial and reliable dynamic.
  • Become partner of a fair semi-industrialisation
  • Support processes respectful of the environment
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Gris Company

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