Making milkshakes in a fast-food and in large quantities.

Making milkshakes in a fast-food and in large quantities.

Selling milkshakes: save time thanks to the milkshake ice-cream machine.



There are milk, fruits and syrup in the milkshake.  You can also add whipped cream to have a creamy, smooth and chilly preparation to serve in large glasses.  Flavours people like most are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  To prepare this delicious sweet ice-cream, you need to mix all the ingredients in an electric robot or a shaker. To earn time and money when selling milkshakes, use a milkshake ice-cream machine.


Strawberry milkshake


The history of milkshake and automatic devices.

Milkshakes are sweet preparations sold in bars, restaurants, fast-foods, etc. Salted milkshakes have been sold since 2012 and it’s made of bacon syrup.  The history of this dessert dates back to 1880. 
Indeed, this creamy beverage has been mentioned for the first time in a newspaper in 1885.  At the beginning, it was a cocktail with alcohol and eggs. 
It’s in the 1990’s that chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup is added to the ingredients of the milkshake. 

The invention of mixers will give it this lightness.  In 1922, ice-cream is added to the preparation.  The arrival of the first fridges launches the era of milkshake automatic distributors. 
The milkshake machine is a device that allows to produce a determined quantity of milkshake at once.  Quick and multi-function, it makes you earn time and money. 
The sellers have the choice between different types of devices producing and distributing milkshake at the same time.


The milkshake machine that makes you save time

The milkshake machine proposed to sellers is a soft-serve ice-cream machine that is going to be installed in your bar, restaurant or coffee-shop.  Quick and easy-to-use, it simplifies your work and facilitates your service.  So, there’s no need any more to store a large amount of ice-cream. Professional milkshake machine prepares ice-cream on demand. 

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You just need to pull on the handle or press a button to start automatically the orders. Especially designed for professionals, soft-serve ice-cream machine are milkshakes and/or cocktails distributors.  They have a motor and one or several bowls. 
Professional milkshake machine can help you prepare smoothies, cappuccinos and beverages with ice-cream or crushed ice.  In fact, a lot of models have a stirrer for every beverage and a particular stirrer for emulsified and iced beverages.

With this milkshake ice-cream machine, you will earn time and your turnover will increase quickly.


So, to let you on this sweet note: a picture of a milkshake we made !

Envoy !

Oreo and chocolate milkshake

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