Top 10 Favourite Ice-Cream Flavours.

What the favourite ice-cream flavours in the UK ?


Several ice-cream flavours


Everyone has its own tastes, no matter what kind of food it is.

And so, ice-cream is part of food !

Here are the favourite ice-cream flavours in the UK


There’s no need to tell about the advantages of chocolate on health. Obviously, in moderation !

Mint Choc Chip

Chocolate mixed with a refreshing touch. Who cannot love it?


Plain or with toppings, this is the basic ice-cream flavour. For children or adults, it’s for every one.


We always say that one must eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day…
Well, with strawberry ice-cream, you will feel like eating true strawberries. Just consider this is one of these 5 a day.

Cookies and Cream

Found of cookies and milk ?

We have even better ! Vanilla ice-cream mixed with cookies. Heaven.

Salted Caramel

For every day: the bad as the good ones.
It tastes different and represent luxury.


Mostly for coffee lovers, and therefore for adults, this is the flavour for you.


Fresh, it’s perfect for hot summer days, for children as for adults.
So refreshing.


A perfect blend of roasted hazelnuts. Top it with caramel sauce for that combined nut and sweet caramel flavour.

Mixed berries

A mixture of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, raspberries…
Think of the “5 fruits and vegetables a day” we talked before…
And think of the pleasure you’ll feel eating it !

Enjoy !

Salted caramel ice-cream
Mixed berries ice-cream



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