How to use my soft-serve ice-cream machine?

Good morning, I’m Fabien from the SARL Gris, French manufacturer of ice-cream machines.

I will explain you the start-up of the soft-serve ice-cream machine.

Soft-serve ice-cream machine


At the top, there are two reservoirs. Here, there are two 6 litres tanks.  In there, there is a little float. This little float allows you to know if there is mixture inside or not.

You can see small lights: red and green.  If you raise the float of your soft-serve ice-cream machine, it turns green.

As soon as there’s no more mixture in the machine, it turns red.

When using the machine, the green light must always be switched on.  If the red switches on, you need to turn off the machine and add mixture inside.

The machine works with two tanks.  It means that, if you don’t have mixture anymore in one tank, let’s say you don’t have vanilla, you have two solutions: put mixture again, or turn off the machine.  But you can’t use only one tank at a time.

For some evening, if there’s still one hour of work, you put mixture, or you turn off the machine. Otherwise, you risk breaking the motor or belts.

The dashboard

The dashboard is really simple.  We have the temperature of the tanks of your soft-serve ice-cream machine, so here, in the room, it’s really cold, it’s 14°.

There, we have a meter. It’s written: every time you push the black button, it adds 1 to the meter.  But it’s more visible with these little spotlights.

And there we can see a percentage, it’s the ice-cream process, the production of soft-serve ice-cream.

Here, it’s production, and there, a button to clean.  Here, we have a button for standby and set, and there, the button preservation of the soft-serve ice-cream mixture.


Preservation: it’s to keep the mixture in a cool place, in the trays at the top, in the cold. It should be settled on 4 degrees. I push on the button for 4 seconds and then I release.  Now, it’s settled on 3°. I can put it higher or lower. I save by pushing on production and cleaning.  You should not touch this because it’s the factory setting of your soft-serve ice-cream machine.

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There, I have a production button. When I put the mixture in the soft-serve ice-cream machine, I press production and then preservation. And that’s it.

When I’m going to clean the machine, I press on the cleaning button. It makes the motors and whisks of your soft-serve ice-cream machine work without producing cold.

So I put the mixture on the machine, I’m going to push on production and preservation.

Here, the spotlight is going to turn on, and when the ice-cream will be ready, the soft-serve ice-cream machine will enter into standby.  So it will turn off, and the spotlight is going to turn on. After 4 minutes, it will turn off and come back on production, and again and again all day.

When there’s mixture in the soft-serve ice-cream machine, the preservation button must always by turned on. Preservation, it allows to preserve.  And production, it’s to make the ice-cream.

Making ice-cream

Now, we have three levers.  This lever corresponds to the cylinder of this tank.  This one, it’s for the tank on the right, and in the middle, it’s to mix both of them.

What does it mean? If I have vanilla here and strawberry over there, I’ll have vanilla on this side, strawberry on the other side, and there, it’s will both of them. Mixing ice-cream is happiness, that’s what we sell.

Below, that’s where the ice-cream goes out.  I pull the lever, and the ice-cream goes out. I release the lever, it’s not a dose. I pull the lever again, as long as I pull, the ice-cream goes out. So, I don’t forget to release it.

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Here, we have a little button. When the soft-serve ice-cream machine is on standby, and if you need to make an ice-cream, the machine doesn’t work. So you need to press this button to turn off the machine.  And it will increase the meter.


Here, on an ice-cream machine working on 220, it shows the power and amperage it uses.  It’s a little something, not really useful, but it allows you to see the power you have. Now, we have 214. We can wonder what is going on with the electricity supplier.  We have 214 instead of 230.  The machine is going to use more amperage as if I had 230.

So here, I have a little thing to get drops back. You’ll see, during summer, there are always a little more drops inside. It’s normal. In the end, you have ice-cream. It just needs it to melt progressively and it falls.

So, I’m going to put mixture in the machine and turn the production mode and see what’s going on then.

Now, the red spotlight is on, I should not turn on the machine.  I just make a test, I’m not going to make lots of ice-cream, I’m going to make one and that’s it.

I put my mixture on the tanks, I press on production and preservation. And that’s it. There’s nothing more to do.


Now, I’m going to add the little tubes. These ones enable to add air into the ice-cream. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be nice.

At the beginning, it’s not a problem because we have two thirds of the mixture going into the cylinders, and one third outside.  And now, I’m going to keep this air.  So I put the little tubes.

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I made a video that you can see cliking here.  It’s in French but you can put subtitles !

So, to remind, I put the mixture in the tanks, I press production and preservation, and I wait.

The first cycle is going to last about 10 minutes, it depends on the machines.  There are machines on which it’s going to last 6 minutes, others 13.  It will depend on the model you have. When it’s really hot, it can last 15, or even 20 if it’s 39° for example.

Here, you can see the temperature going down.  It’s normal. I press preservation, so the tank is beginning to cool down. We can see here that there are frost marks.  You see the marks.

So as you can see here, I have the little percentage starting to go up.  So we are going to let it work and go up quietly.  And when it will be at 100%, the machine will stop. So, the percentage is going up. And we’ll see that once at 100%, the machine will stop.

The start-up is simple:

1 – I put mixture on the machine.

2 – I press on production.

3 – I press on preservation.

That’s all.

I want to make an ice-cream:

* I press on the black button

* I make my ice-cream

At the end of the day, this machine is equipped of the night function. So I turn off production by pushing one time on production, and I leave this turned on.  Only preservation must be turned on all night.

On the morning, I arrive and press production. That’s all.


  • I don’t forget that I need mixture on both tanks.
  • If the red spotlight is on, I don’t use the machine. I put mixture again, or I turn it off.
  • I check that the little tubes are opened.

I made videos about it, make sure to see them: on our YouTube channel
They last three minutes, but the little tubes are really important.  They will make your ice-cream looking nice, and firm.

Thanks. Hope to see you soon.


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