The 99 ice cream

The DOs and DON'Ts of eating a 99 ice cream

  • Do eat it during a really hot day. If you can, you should also definitely eat it near the seaside. Sun, seaside, sea breeze, day-off, relaxation. That’s perfection condensed into a simple 99 ice cream.
  • Don’t eat much before. Even if it’s a dessert, you won’t appreciate it if you have eaten too much before. You must be able to appreciate each centimetre of your 99 ice cream. Otherwise, what a shame… Anyone would kill to have one!
  • Do eat it in a cone, and not in a bowl. The real 99 ice cream comes in a cone, so enjoy it totally.
  • Do enjoy it with your friends: a sweet treat is always better when shared.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more sauce. It will be even better!
  • Do get the two-scoop cone 99 ice cream. It brings more happiness.

Other ideas of what should be done or what should be avoided when eating a 99 ice cream?

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