A soft-serve ice-cream machine: what is it?

What is a soft-serve ice-cream machine?

A soft-serve ice-cream machine makes ice-cream on demand.
Soft-serve ice-cream is served at -12°, so, it is softer than the traditional French ice-cream (served at -18°).

The only soft-serve ice-cream machine made in France

That’s why we call this machine : soft-serve ice-cream machine.

But the only thing that matters is that it’s the favourite dessert of people around the world and that one can’t make it at home directly !

England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Canada… Every where around the world.

Soft-serve ice-cream machines

The advantage of the soft-serve ice-cream machine is that, on less than 1m², we can make ice-cream as much as we want, without needing huge freezers to store the ice-cream.

I’m going to tell you a secret: when you doubt, when you hesitate about the profitability of the soft-serve ice-cream machine… Have a seat and ask you the following question.

Would the big fast-food restaurants (McDonald’s, Quick, Burger King…) waste 1m² of their space for something that isn’t worth it ?


Contact me, by phone or e-mail, as you want. I don’t guarantee you to earn 1 billion, but tens thousand, I do !

Fabien Gris: +33 471 504 740

Gris, the only French constructor of soft-serve ice-cream machines


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