Why an ice-cream machine?

Do you wonder what you can do with an ice-cream machine?


There are two main types of machines.

Soft-serve ice-cream machines or popsicle ice-cream machines.


Soft-serve ice-cream machine
Popsicle ice-cream machine


For a professional or personal use

You can buy or rent our soft-serve ice-cream machines for your shop or also for your house.

Who wouldn’t like to eat soft-serve ice-cream at home ?

  • Ice-cream makers
  • Restaurants
  • Snack-bar
  • Theme parks
  • Zoo
  • Baker’s shop

The only limit is your imagination !


You can make a whole range of products with one machine:

  • milkshakes
  • soft-serve ice-creams with one or several flavours
  • frozen yoghurt
  • you can also add toppings to your frozen yoghurts

Once again, the only limit is your imagination.


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