Different kinds of ice-creams around the world

We all have already seen ice-cream flavours… weird.
Well, in other places in the world, people have others habits, especially as for food and ice-creams.

Discover several ice-creams around the world.

¡ Change of scene guaranteed !

1. We’re going to Mexico

In Mexico, the main ice-creams are called paletas.
They represent summer and are made with water, sugar, milk and fresh fruits. They were first sold in 1821 after a long story with Spanish colonization.

Paletas – popsicle ice-creams


2. Let’s go to Turkey

In Turkey, ice-creams are called dondurma.
It’s one of the oldest recipes of the world and the main ingredients are milk flavoured with spices and pistachios.

Dondurma ice-cream


3. Towards Germany

Sometimes, you can’t criticise people’s tastes. In Germany, they have adapted a classic dish : the spaghetti-eis. 

This recipe became fashionable in 1969. In that, it’s vanilla ice-cream made as if it was pasta with strawberry sauce being used as tomato sauce.
On the top, there is grated coconut just as if it was cheese.

Spaghetti-eis ice-cream


4. Direction India

The kulfi : another recipe among the oldest one in the world, and at the origin, it was made in Himalaya. Its recipe is simply a mix of milk, cardamom and pistachios.

Kulfi ice-cream


5. We’re going to Malaysia

With the ais kacang, you will probably stay… frozen.

It was created in the 1950’s and its main ingredients are very exotic. Besides the ice-cream, there are cooked kidney beans, nuts and sweet corn sauce.

Ais kacang


6. Let’s go to Philippines

Something basic: sorbets. Nothing that can break one’s habits. 

It is usually sold in hand trucks and its ingredients are really refreshing. It’s a mix of coconut with buffalo milk and fruit juice. It is always served in a biscuit cone or a kind of biscuit sandwich. 

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Sorbet made in Philippines


7. Direction the United States

It’s also fashionable in other countries, but in the United States, it’s the ice-cream n°1 in terms of sales : the frozen yoghurt.

It became famous in the 1970’s and its flavour is really different from other traditional ice-creams because it’s made with yoghurt. The mix is simple : natural yoghurt and some ingredients such as fruits, chocolate or biscuits.

Frozen yoghurt USA


8. Towards Japan

The japanese ice-cream mochi: delicious ice-cream with traditional flavours such as strawberry, vanilla or greentea (typical of the area), surrounded with a dough made of rice and corn powder.

Mochi ice-cream


9. Last trip: Italy

In Italy, the gelato is the unavoidable dish after pasta or pizza.

It’s the msot famous recipe in the world thanks to its ideal texture and taste.
The mix of milk and sugar makes a delicious dessert.

Gelato in Italy


You just need to travel around the world and try them all!

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