Offer soft-serve ice-creams with no lactose

To differenciate yourself from your competitors

Offer an ice-cream with no lactose

This is really simple. You can offer soft-serve ice-cream made with plant milk.

Here are the few steps to success:

  1. Replace animal milk with plant milk (coconut, soya, almond, rice…)
  2. Substitute cream (crème fraiche) for vegan cream such as coconut cream, soya, rice or almond cream.
  3. Use a soya yoghurt instead of the traditional one.


Vegan ice creams

You will increase the number of clients you have : offering a vegan range of products will attract vegan people !


Renting soft-serve ice-cream machine London

Renting soft-serve ice-cream machine London

Where can you rent an ice-cream machine in London ?

How can you rent a soft-serve ice-cream machine in London?

You are quite lucky.

Renting a soft-serve ice-cream machine in London is really simple. We have a phone number dedicated to the rent of soft-serve ice-cream machines: +33 471 504 740

We also have a website dedicated to this. Do not hesitate in contacting us for a cost estimate and to order your machine : just click here or fill in the contact form at the end of this page.


Which model do you need to choose?

We can talk about it. There are several conditions to take into account:

  • your location
  • your activity
  • how much do you plan selling

Just contact us, and we will find the appropriate machine for your needs.



    Different kinds of ice-creams around the world

    We all have already seen ice-cream flavours… weird.
    Well, in other places in the world, people have others habits, especially as for food and ice-creams.

    Discover several ice-creams around the world.

    ¡ Change of scene guaranteed !

    1. We’re going to Mexico

    In Mexico, the main ice-creams are called paletas.
    They represent summer and are made with water, sugar, milk and fresh fruits. They were first sold in 1821 after a long story with Spanish colonization.

    Paletas – popsicle ice-creams


    2. Let’s go to Turkey

    In Turkey, ice-creams are called dondurma.
    It’s one of the oldest recipes of the world and the main ingredients are milk flavoured with spices and pistachios.

    Dondurma ice-cream


    3. Towards Germany

    Sometimes, you can’t criticise people’s tastes. In Germany, they have adapted a classic dish : the spaghetti-eis. 

    This recipe became fashionable in 1969. In that, it’s vanilla ice-cream made as if it was pasta with strawberry sauce being used as tomato sauce.
    On the top, there is grated coconut just as if it was cheese.

    Spaghetti-eis ice-cream


    4. Direction India

    The kulfi : another recipe among the oldest one in the world, and at the origin, it was made in Himalaya. Its recipe is simply a mix of milk, cardamom and pistachios.

    Kulfi ice-cream


    5. We’re going to Malaysia

    With the ais kacang, you will probably stay… frozen.

    It was created in the 1950’s and its main ingredients are very exotic. Besides the ice-cream, there are cooked kidney beans, nuts and sweet corn sauce.

    Ais kacang


    6. Let’s go to Philippines

    Something basic: sorbets. Nothing that can break one’s habits. 

    It is usually sold in hand trucks and its ingredients are really refreshing. It’s a mix of coconut with buffalo milk and fruit juice. It is always served in a biscuit cone or a kind of biscuit sandwich. 

    Sorbet made in Philippines


    7. Direction the United States

    It’s also fashionable in other countries, but in the United States, it’s the ice-cream n°1 in terms of sales : the frozen yoghurt.

    It became famous in the 1970’s and its flavour is really different from other traditional ice-creams because it’s made with yoghurt. The mix is simple : natural yoghurt and some ingredients such as fruits, chocolate or biscuits.

    Frozen yoghurt USA


    8. Towards Japan

    The japanese ice-cream mochi: delicious ice-cream with traditional flavours such as strawberry, vanilla or greentea (typical of the area), surrounded with a dough made of rice and corn powder.

    Mochi ice-cream


    9. Last trip: Italy

    In Italy, the gelato is the unavoidable dish after pasta or pizza.

    It’s the msot famous recipe in the world thanks to its ideal texture and taste.
    The mix of milk and sugar makes a delicious dessert.

    Gelato in Italy


    You just need to travel around the world and try them all!

    Get advantages on your competitors by selling ice-creams.

    Be differentiated from your competitirors !

    You already have a shop in a pedestrian street, with a lot of traffif but there already exist shops nearby selling soft-serve ice-creams. You really want to sell soft-serve ice-cream too, but, what’s the point ? There are so much people selling some…

    I can give you some advice so that you differentiate from your competitors.


    1 – Offer flavours that your competititor don’t have.

    Caution, always keep an ice-cream machine with the flavours Vanilla/Strawberry: represent most of the ice-cream sales with 70 or 80% of total ice-cream sales.
    And even if the clients choose an ice-cream with the vanilla/strawberry flavour, they will come to your shop because you offer other flavours…
    Brain mystery… !


    2 – Make a difference on the price

    Do not lower the retail price. Match prices with the retail prices of your neighbours but, on top of that, offer a small ice-cream at 1 or 2€ for children for example.
    In people’s mind, when they will see a lower price, they will think “Hey, it’s cheaper here!”. We already experienced this during fairs, and this works even if the biggest ice-cream is more expensive than your competitor’s…
    Another mystery…


    3 – Offer originality

    • Frozen yoghurt for example, with fruits on top for something HEALTHY or LIGHT
    • Ice-creams made with plant milk (soya milk, almond milk, coconut milk…) for vegans

    If you already sell pancakes or waffles, sell them with ice-cream, adding sweets, fruits, biscuits on the top, for example.

    If you sell fresh fruit juice, you can also make popsicle ice-creams with your fruits. It’s a booming product. Contact us to have more information about our popsicle ice-cream machine.


    4 – Sell coffee or tea along with sweet treats

    Not only at the end of a meal at the restaurant, but all day long.
    Coffee or tea + soft-serve ice-cream in a bowl or in a jar, along with biscuit for example.


    5 – Sundae

    Soft-serve ice-cream + suce + grilled peanuts


    For all these preparations, you don’t need more time, or only a little: it’s the same than for a soft-serve ice-cream in a cone. Most of my examples can be sold, of course, at a higher price than a simple ice-cream.


    6 – Publicity

    Make nice pictures that make people want to eat. Show to every one the product you sell (big posters…).


    You can see that the range of products and possibilities is huge and the only risk you can take is that your neighbours make